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 Total Video Converter HD FAQs
Total Video Converter FAQs

1. How to remove the watermark at the top left on the converted video files?
You are required to register Total Video Converter HD before the watermark is removed.

Total Video Converter HD is available for 15-day free trial only. Users who decide to continue using this program after the free period must purchase a license and register the software.

2. How to have a trial of command line?

Register the standard version and you will get the trial version of command line automatically.

3. Why I can not open the wmv file with Total Video Converter HD?

WMV codec is not installed in Win2000, you can try open your wmv file with internal video decoder which can be set in the window 'Please select the format to be converted to'.

4. How do I run Total Video Converter HD under Windows Vista?

Total Video Converter HD supports Windows Vista. However, you need to run Total Video Converter HD as administrator in order to access your DVD burner. Just right click the Total Video Converter HD icon on the desktop, select "Run as administrator" to launch Total Video Converter HD.

5. Swf files not recognized with Total Video Converter HD?

Yes, you must use Magic Swf2Avi to make conversion for Swf to Video Conversion. Please visit

6. Can you give me the options for the command line version?

Total Video Converter HD command line options (only support for pro version):
/h or /help --- Help information
/f --- Input file
/ds --- Open file with system directx
/atds --- Auto open file with system directx
/o --- Output file
/tf --- From time Format hh:mm:ss.0.1s
/td --- Duration timeFormat hh:mm:ss.0.1s
/pi --- Output settings using ini filename
/pn --- Output settings using profile name in ini file
Note: If you set /pi option, /pn option must be
Convert test.3gp to VCD format testout.mpg
>tvc /f test.3gp /o testout.mpg /pi ini\palvcd.ini /pn PAL VCD mpeg Normal

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